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The materials below are intended to help you go farther in your relationship with Jesus.  Please let us know if you have questions or comments.

Notes on the books of The Bible (survey notes)

Notes on Genesis
Notes on Exodus

Notes on Leviticus
Notes on Numbers
Notes on Deuteronomy
Notes on Joshua
Notes on Judges
Notes on Ruth
Notes on 1 & 2 Samuel
Notes on 1 & 2 Kings
Notes on 1 & 2 Chronicles
Notes on Ezra
Notes on Nehemiah
Notes on Esther
Notes on Job
Notes on Psalms
Notes on Proverbs
Notes on Ecclesiastes
Notes on Song of Solomon
Notes on Isaiah
Notes on Jeremiah
Notes on Lamentations
Notes on Ezekiel
Notes on Daniel
Notes on Hosea
Notes on Joel
Notes on Amos
Notes on Obadiah
Notes on Jonah
Notes on Micah
Notes on Nahum
Notes on Habakkuk
Notes on Zephaniah
Notes on Haggai
Notes on Zechariah
Notes on Malachi
Notes on Matthew
Notes on Mark
Notes on Luke
Notes on John
Notes on Acts
Notes on Romans
Notes on 1 Corinthians
Notes on 2 Corinthians
Notes on Galatians
Notes on Ephesians
Notes on Philippians
Notes on Colossians
Notes on 1 Thessalonians
Notes on 2 Thessalonians
Notes on 1 Timothy
Notes on 2 Timothy
Notes on Titus
Notes on Philemon
Notes on Hebrews
Notes on James
Notes on 1 Peter
Notes on 2 Peter
Notes on 1 John
Notes on 2 John
Notes on 3 John
Notes on Jude
Notes on Revelation


A Short Study of the History and Message of the Bible
Chronology of Significant Events in Scripture
The Bible At A Glance - the organization of the Bible


Commentary & Notes on Genesis - Introduction & Chapters 1-11 - Kartozian
Commentary & Notes on Genesis - Chapters 12-50 - Kartozian
Commentary & Notes on Exodus - Kartozian
Commentary & Notes on Leviticus - Kartozian
Commentary & Notes on Numbers - Kartozian
Commentary & Notes on Deuteronomy - Kartozian
Commentary & Notes on Joshua - Kartozian
Commentary & Notes on Ruth - Kartozian
Commentary & Notes on 1 Samuel - Kartozian
Commentary & Notes on 2 Samuel - Kartozian
Commentary & Notes on 1 Kings - Kartozian
Commentary & Notes on 2 Kings - Kartozian
Commentary & Notes on Ezra - Kartozian
Commentary & Notes on Nehemiah - Kartozian
Commentary & Notes on Esther - Kartozian

Daniel & Prophecy

Daniel 9:24-27:  The Culmination of Human History
Daniel 11:2-12:3:  Historic Fulfillment
Dates in Daniel - Some dates relative to the Book of Daniel
Visions, Dates, Dreams, Overview of Daniel

Discipleship & Personal Study

This series is a progression through basic Christian beliefs and core issues of the Christian life.  The series is designed to be shared with two or more people who desire to go farther in their relationship with Jesus.

Discipleship Series #1:  God
Discipleship Series #2:  Scripture
Discipleship Series #3:  Jesus
Discipleship Series #4:  Man
Discipleship Series #5:  Sin and Salvation
Discipleship Series #6:  Holy Spirit
Discipleship Series #7:  The Church
Discipleship Series #8:  Prayer
Discipleship Series #9:  Bible Study
Discipleship Series #10: Fellowship and Witness

The series below is a progression through the foundational Christian beliefs which are shared here as a further resource for the Discipleship Series to the left. 

Foundation Study Overview
Foundation Study #1 - The Bible (Summary)
Foundation Study #2 - The Bible (Study of)
Foundation Study #3 - God
Foundation Study #4 - Jesus Christ
Foundation Study #5 - Holy Spirit
Foundation Study #6 - Angels
Foundation Study #7 - Man
Foundation Study #8 - Sin
Foundation Study #9 - Salvation
Foundation Study #10 - The Church
Foundation Study #11 - End Times

It is crucial that each follower of Jesus be intentionally reading and studying through the Bible.  Without reading and studying the Bible for ourselves we are limited in knowing what we believe and why.  We run the risk of basing our beliefs on what someone else says about God's word rather than on what God Himself has said.  The tools below are given to help you move through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and so to gain greater insight into Who God is, the scope and depth of God's plan of redemption, and what it means to live in a redeemed relationship with God.  The first tool is a means of moving through Scripture in one year.  The second tool is a list of all the chapters of the Bible and so can be a help to you for moving through the Bible at your own pace.

Read Through The Bible in One Year
Read Through The Bible Listing by Chapter

Doctrine & Theology

The basics of what we believe...
Doctrinal Statement
Personal Response to the EFCA 2008 Statement of Faith - for credentialing

Armenian Evangelical Church Confession of Faith - July 1, 1846 - English
Armenian Evangelical Church Confession of Faith - July 1, 1846 - English/Abbreviated
Armenian Evangelical Church Confession of Faith - July 1, 1846 - Armenian
Evangelical Free Church of America Statement of Faith - 1950
Evangelical Free Church of America Statement of Faith - 2008

A Study in the Attributes of God
The Attributes of God:  Faithfulness
The Attributes of God:  Goodness
The Attributes of God:  Love

Doctrine of the Scriptures in 1,2 Peter
Law and Grace - Galatians 2-4 and Ephesians 1

General Studies

Guidelines For Fasting
Guidelines For Prayer
Spiritual Gifts
The Christian's Identity and Position in Christ
The First Seven Ecumenical Church Councils
What Does The Bible Say About Baptism and Infant Dedication?
What Does The Bible Say About Marriage?

Old Testament Studies

Brief Biographical Background Of Moses
Chronology of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther
Comparative Chart of Old Testament Character Lifespans
Divisions and Classifications of the Psalms
General Introduction to the Old Testament Historical Books - Kartozian
Hebrew Calendar and Selected Events
Major Covenants of the Old Testament
Minor Prophets Overview
Old Testament Feasts and Other Sacred Days
Old Testament Sacrifices/Offerings
Overview of the Judges
Rulers of the Divided Kingdom of Judah and Israel
Tanakh - The Jewish Bible
The Ten Plagues - Yahweh vs. The gods of Egypt
Timeline of the Prophets

Intertestamental Period

From Malachi to Messiah
Intertestamental Period and New Testament Background

New Testament Studies

A Chronology of the Gospel Witness and the Acts of the Apostles
A Comparative Chart of The Four Gospels
Introduction to the Gospels
Jesus' Death, Resurrection & Ascension - Events and Scriptures
Key Terms In Romans
Overview of the New Testament Library
Romans 16 - Those listed there...
Seven Letters to Seven Churches - Revelation 2-3 (chart)
Source Document Hypotheses
The Apostles