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August 1, 2009

How important is family?

Paul writes in Ephesians 2:19:  “So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household.”

Creekside has been described as a collection of mixed nuts (perhaps some are more nutty than others).  God has brought us together here as His household.  By God’s choice and work we are the family of God. 

That’s amazing isn’t it?  Our oneness as the church is the creative work of the Almighty God of creation. 

It really doesn’t matter how “nutty” we are.

We are brought together by the same broken body and spilled blood of Jesus.  Together we proclaim one gospel.  We share one faith.  We have one purpose and one calling.  We serve the same Lord, the same Spirit, and the same Father.  With Jesus we’re heirs of the riches of God’s kingdom - an unimaginable eternity together with Him.  We share a God given oneness that transcends background, race, nationality, culture, economic strata, or whatever potential differences there may be.

A carnival director was interviewing a young man looking for his first job.  “What’s your best trick?” the director asked.

“Sawing a woman in half.”

“Isn’t that a difficult trick?”

“Not really.  I’ve been able to do that one since I was a child.  I always used to practice on my sisters.”

“And do you come from a large family?”

“Well, I have eight half sisters.”

We are not step-children nor are we distantly related to each other.  You are not a second class citizen in God’s family.  You are not an accidental member of Jesus’ church.  You have the privilege of being chosen by the sovereign God of creation to be His.

How important is family?

The family relationship we enjoy is unique in this world.  Isn’t it?  Where else is there found so diverse a people who live with such unity - potential and realized?  Who have such a bond?  Who can be such a strength for each other?  Who will cry, weep, and rejoice with each other?

Let’s celebrate what God has done by taking advantage of the opportunities we have to hang out, to pray, to study, to worship, and even to discuss crucial issues together - to be together as a family.  Let’s celebrate together the joy of being His children.

With great privilege comes great purpose.

Remember the song?

We are the family of God - YES!
We are the family of God.
And He’s brought us together
To be one in Him,
That we might bring light to the world.

How important is family?

To those who have no clue what it means to be God’s family - crucial.  One doesn’t have to look too far to see that what we experience as “family” is unimaginable to some.  God has given to us the purpose of living out our family relationship in a broken world that those we live with may see what God can do in their lives.

If you are looking for a family, join with us.  If you are already here - celebrate!  May the awesomeness of being His child be yours.